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Ensures Freshness, Maintains Texture, Preserves Flavor

DRY-SPICE is a small FDA approved Flavor Savor canister that you simply drop into your spices to keep their flavors fresh and texture smooth.  
Using DRY-SPICE assures that your spices remain dry, retain their pristine texture, and sustain their original, intense flavors.

    You Get 10 Dry Spice Canisters 
               (Including FREE Shipping)
for $7.99 USD


Perfect for:

"Bravo! At last someone has come up with a product that will keep herbs & spices fresh!" - Jeri Marshal

~ "What a great product! So versatile. Dry-Spice does everything it claims..." - Chelsea Kane

~ "I would recommend Dry-Spice to anyone. It is very unique, very effective and very easy to use. I love the way it keeps my sugars, spices, and teas fresh so they last longer. Dry-Spice is money saving." - Mary lopez


~ "I have had tremendous results with your product. I have used them in my homemade rubs and seasonings that tend to clump with fantastic results...the clumps have disappeared and the rubs and seasonings are free flowing just like when they were made. Dry-Spice has made a big difference." - John Huskey, TX

~ "What a ridiculous idea! I'm 64 yrs. old and have never had spices clump up, lose flavor, etc..." - Robert Maletta

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